Happy birthday to me!

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Today is my twenty-second birthday and I have to say I am having a fabulous day. Last night I went out with James and my delightful friend Emmaly and we went to see Kick-Ass (which is totally kick ass, in case you were curious). Before the movie we went to a liquor store James used to work at to get drinks and snacks and the owner let me pick out one of those little teensy shot bottles for my birthday. Let me tell you, Squirt soda and pomegranate Smirnoff is quite the combination for delicious.


This morning we got to sleep in a bit and then went out for lunch with my Oma who I share a birthday with. This afternoon we went to see Clash of the Titans in 3D, which was pretty rad. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a movie in 3D before, I could be wrong though. Not really sure.

In conclusion of this fine day my parents, James and I are having a lovely dinner (sans my baby brother, but he’ll be back from school soon) with my favorite foods. We’ve got baked macaroni & cheese with peas in it, salad, hot dogs and we were going to have cheese cake but forgot to pick it up. This might call for a Dairy Queen run 😉 Yay! Nice relaxing day for the most part.

[Macaroni dinner]

I’ll be signing off in a moment here but let me assure you, I will leave you with a crafty treat here at the end. As one of my fabulous birthday presents my Aunt Fani and Uncle Bobby got me a couple of hanks of delicious, wonderful, mouthwatering malabrigo! One in Paris Night and the second in Velvet Grapes. Gorgeous!! I already know I’m going to make a hat out of the grape colorway, it’ll be great!

[grapes & paris]

Yumma yumma, I can’t wait to get knitting 😀


New Stylist

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I’m thinking I might have James do my hair more often. What do you think? It’s a little bit of punk, a little rock and roll, low maintenance. I just have to make sure to keep the mice at bay 😉

This is my "Special Occasion" look