Birthday weekend!

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I turned 26 on Friday and I had a super-fun day/date night with my Bear. We hung out in the down town, got some pizza and rented We’re the Millers (hilarious, by the way). Other than Friday, I basically knitted all weekend! Hooray!

Earlier last week I went a little crazy on the yarns and got me some pretty Debbie Bliss felted tweeds, ShiBui sock and some MadelineTosh Vintage. Mmmmmm….

Knitting some swatches (pattern submission central)

Working on a handsome hat for Bear since the last one got accidentally washed. I’ll post a pattern for this one once it’s done. Pretty simple and classy rib hat out of MadTosh Vintage.

Fun (if not a little late) news: I just had my second pattern published in Knitscene Summer 2014! They named it the “Krypton Hat” and it’s looking pretty great! I’ll have a follow up post in a bit in that one. Check it out on Ravelry In the meantime!


Been a while…

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Ok, here for you all to read is my obligatory “long time, no see” post before I really start getting back into this thing. It’s already March but that’s alright, I’m starting a new year! Tons of things are new this year so far and it ain’t no joke! For you, a list:

  • New house (Alpaca Ranch!)
  • New car (Saab Waagon)
  • New (sort of) job
  • New Boyfriend (YEAH!!!)
  • Only two cats (down from four, lost two in the break up)

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about all of these changes, it’s almost overwhelming when I think about it all at once. Allow me to elaborate on the most relevant of points. My new house is a little itty bitty studio on a very large property that just so happens to be my local alpaca (sprinkled with llama and guanaco) ranch. It’s completely gorgeous on it’s own but it certainly doesn’t hurt seeing a few of my favorite camelid at every turn. This little treasure is about 15 minutes from town in any direction with is pretty cool and also not at times (like when I just need yogurt for my grapenuts) which brings me to my next piece of change: the car! I sold poor Betsy the Volvo and traded up (don’t tell her) to a Saab Wagon named Helga. She’s Scandinavian and she’s a beauty AND a beast, she hauls it up my 6 mile hill. She’s a delight and might I suggest to any of you who have not yet learned to drive a manual vehicle, get ye to a practice lot! Totally awesome and worth it.

Alpaca trio
These boys live across the driveway from my little cottage

Ok, we’re skipping the job thing cause I’m not sure about that one yet… I’ll keep you updated, don’t worry. Now for the cats, I’ve got boogers-for-brains Skadi and my baby girl Freyja. They were my favorite and I’m happy with the split (I got the cuter ones). Frey wants to go outside so I’ll have to work up the courage to trust she won’t get eaten by a mountain lion when I do let her outside. She’s a real panther herself so I really should just let her outside… Skadi on the other hand, will be staying with me for her entire life. She’s a little barnacle and I’m her whale. She won’t be moving out, going to college, having grown up experiences in the outside world; she just can’t handle the pressure. She’s a darling creature who needs special attention and I’m willing to give it to her.

Ultimate Photo Bomb: Skadi on my shoulder and Freyja front and center.

New Boyfriend!! He is seriously so awesome, I can’t even handle it. He’s a smarty pants dreamboat with a great sense of humor and a cute butt. What more can a girl ask for? He’s also, coincidentally, a hat model. He’s mine but feel free to oogle at those dreamy handmade hats on his head, I’ll be updating with a pattern for the hat on the top left, it has really awesome decreases.

Hats for heads
Garrett, my dreamy hat model

More to come, I’m really actually going to blog this year! So many crafts n things to talk about!

Alpaca Farmer Scarf

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When I grow up, one of my hopes and dreams is to be an alpaca farmer. My ultimate plan is to run the Noah’s Ark of magic farms. I will have two alpaca, two cows, two sheepsies, couple of cashmere goats, angora rabbits, Fiberous Joys!  James said he’s cool with all the animals as long as I do all the cleaning after them.. Eh, we’ll see how that goes.

Alpaca Farmer

Here’s what I used:
1 pair of 24″ knitting needles in size 10.5
2 pretty little stitch markers
1 darn useful darning needle
1 beyond soft skein of Cascade Eco Duo in grey and charcoal

What’s my gauge again?

5 sts / inch (gauge is not super important with this project)

Here’s how I did it:

CO 3 sts

Row 1: knit into front and back of first stitch, k, knit in front and back of final stitch (4 sts)

Rows 2-14: rep row 1 (17 sts at ent of row 14)

Row 15 (RS): sl as if to knit, k7, pm, yo, k, yo, pm, knit to end

Row 16: sl first st, k until first marker, p until second marker, k until end

Row 17: sl first st, k up to center stitch, yo, k, yo, k until end (beyond the 8 sts for your border, the number of stitches between the markers and the center stitch will increase by one with every odd row. For example, for this row you will have 1 st between the marker and the center stitch, for row 19 you will have 2.)

Rep rows 16-17 until your scarf is about 2 inches shy of the size you would like ending after completing a wrong side row (I stopped at 108 sts)

Ending border

RS: slip first st as if to knit, knit in front and back of second stitch, knit until last two stitches, knit in front and back of next stitch, knit last stitch.

WS: Knit even across

Repeat these two rows 8 times (ending after a WS row)

Now that you’ve finished your Farmer Scarf, wrap it ’round your neck and go tend to your flock!


When it rains in April…

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I wish it would rain harder. Yesterday was cloudy albeit dry, so while I was surprised to wake up to the schmicka-schmack of heavy rain outside this morning (rather, early afternoon. Shh, don’t tell!) I can’t say that I was rightly surprised. I really should have known. when days like this come up, all I really want to do is make something delicious, turn on the telly and knit knit knit. Unfortunately for me and my rainy-day dreams, I had to come to work. Poor purple yarn, you will have to wait yet another work shift to be loved.

Gramma Surprise Purple

Rainy days at work are good and bad. The atmosphere is different in a book store when people are hiding from the rain. There are more people waiting for the movies to start next door, but even as they glance toward the window or their watches every once in a while, they seem to actually enjoy browsing the shelves. Browsing customers does give me time to organize the craft section unhindered (or to write a blog post, I’m a terrible worker). I wish we had enough books to make it oh so nice like my craft shelves at home. Take a look at this, I reorganized it a couple of days ago and got those cutie-patootie flower boxes for yarns. Don’t you just love being organized?

Okay, back to work, our store does not do well in April, historically speaking. Good news for us though, lots of people means at least a few more sales. Bad news is it takes a rainstorm in April to get people in here. Bad news for me is I can’t knit at work. It’s ‘rude’ or something. Whatever that means, I’m not allowed. Haha. If only I worked in a yarn shop. Alas, my favorite yarn shop is going out of business. Oh how I mourn thee, Yarn Place!! The only good that is coming from this is that I got a heads up from my honey-bunny Tya about some upcoming sales. So at the very least, the Yarn Place will live on in the form of my ever-growing yarn and notion stash.

Tya & Megan at The Yarn Place
This is a picture of a fun time!