What’s on the menu?

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Cops, cats, and crochet.

Who doesn’t love junky tv, kitten cuddles and a new yarn project?

Nobody, that’s who. Livin’ the dream.




What’s that gal up to?

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It’s Christmas in July and the word is stripes!!!

I’m going crazy with hats and loving it! Its been primarily crochet as of late but i think i might mosey on into knitting for a while. Maybe.

Good news: I have a new job (full time, thank you very much) so not only do I have an hour lunch break to hook hook hook, I’ll soon have some expendable cash dollars to use for *gasp* yarn! For the time being, I’m working with 5 different colors of Galway, a quality yet economical choice for wool. I’m keeping track to see how many pieces I can get out of these measly 1050 yards… Haha.

Here’s a sneak peak of som patterns I’ve hooked up recently.






And to finish off this fresh post, here’s a glamour shot of one of my favorite crafty buddies


Gettin’ shit done!

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I like to write things down. I like to make sketches, lists, stories, notes. I like to use pencils. Sometimes I don’t know what to write or draw and I could use a little push. For this dilemma, I present to you: motivational pencils!


When I get stuck I just look at what’s in my hand and I get shit done.


I got these bad boys the other day and brought them to my BFF Chelsea’s house for a great night of crafting fun!

Check out what she’s working on over at Needles Thread and Love!


Been a while…

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Ok, here for you all to read is my obligatory “long time, no see” post before I really start getting back into this thing. It’s already March but that’s alright, I’m starting a new year! Tons of things are new this year so far and it ain’t no joke! For you, a list:

  • New house (Alpaca Ranch!)
  • New car (Saab Waagon)
  • New (sort of) job
  • New Boyfriend (YEAH!!!)
  • Only two cats (down from four, lost two in the break up)

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about all of these changes, it’s almost overwhelming when I think about it all at once. Allow me to elaborate on the most relevant of points. My new house is a little itty bitty studio on a very large property that just so happens to be my local alpaca (sprinkled with llama and guanaco) ranch. It’s completely gorgeous on it’s own but it certainly doesn’t hurt seeing a few of my favorite camelid at every turn. This little treasure is about 15 minutes from town in any direction with is pretty cool and also not at times (like when I just need yogurt for my grapenuts) which brings me to my next piece of change: the car! I sold poor Betsy the Volvo and traded up (don’t tell her) to a Saab Wagon named Helga. She’s Scandinavian and she’s a beauty AND a beast, she hauls it up my 6 mile hill. She’s a delight and might I suggest to any of you who have not yet learned to drive a manual vehicle, get ye to a practice lot! Totally awesome and worth it.

Alpaca trio
These boys live across the driveway from my little cottage

Ok, we’re skipping the job thing cause I’m not sure about that one yet… I’ll keep you updated, don’t worry. Now for the cats, I’ve got boogers-for-brains Skadi and my baby girl Freyja. They were my favorite and I’m happy with the split (I got the cuter ones). Frey wants to go outside so I’ll have to work up the courage to trust she won’t get eaten by a mountain lion when I do let her outside. She’s a real panther herself so I really should just let her outside… Skadi on the other hand, will be staying with me for her entire life. She’s a little barnacle and I’m her whale. She won’t be moving out, going to college, having grown up experiences in the outside world; she just can’t handle the pressure. She’s a darling creature who needs special attention and I’m willing to give it to her.

Ultimate Photo Bomb: Skadi on my shoulder and Freyja front and center.

New Boyfriend!! He is seriously so awesome, I can’t even handle it. He’s a smarty pants dreamboat with a great sense of humor and a cute butt. What more can a girl ask for? He’s also, coincidentally, a hat model. He’s mine but feel free to oogle at those dreamy handmade hats on his head, I’ll be updating with a pattern for the hat on the top left, it has really awesome decreases.

Hats for heads
Garrett, my dreamy hat model

More to come, I’m really actually going to blog this year! So many crafts n things to talk about!

10 points to Gryffindor!

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Who says you can’t crochet a Gryffindor scarf for Julia in two hours when you knew about it way ahead of time and chose not to take advantage of the whole two weeks before the HP premier to make it for her stress free?

As warm and fuzzy as it is magical

Who says?

And so it begins…

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It all starts with a trusty set of tools and the drive to make. For me, that meant my trusty Gramma Sue, some blue yarn, a little hook and my stuffed sheep mentioning that he’d like a scarf, please. (With my toy sheep I’d been a yarnie all my life and never knew). At the impressionable age of 8 years old, I was led to believe that crochet was the coolest thing ever.

Luckily for me (and my toy sheep), it was totally true.

Crochet is a unique craft and a special thing. For those who don’t understand the emotional connection to learning a new craft, it’s comparable to your first school friend. You meet when you’re young and impressed by just about everything. You think Crochet is cool and cute, but she teases you and makes you blush when you can’t seem to master an even chain stitch. But then you become buds and you want to see what else your new friend can do.

Oh, the things crochet can do! Some try to compare crochet to knitting (I might in a later post, despite my own advice), but you just can’t do it and retain your sanity in the end. Crochet is so unbelievably fantastic in so many ways (and maybe a little less awesome in some respects, but we won’t go there today) that it’s really in a league of its own. You can make anything with some yarn, a hook and an imagination. The freedom crochet allows is unfathomable. You barely have to worry about dropping stitches or losing progress if your hook becomes unattached. You don’t have to go from one stitch to the next if you don’t want to, aside from potential awkwardness, you could skip 10 stitches if your heart so chose and it wouldn’t be the end of the world, just the beginning of a wondrous yarn paved journey into Awesome Town.

And since you asked, I’ll tell you a little bit about Awesome Town. It’s a magical place, meant to inspire and encourage. When you get there, everyone already knows your name and wants nothing less than for you to be happy with your stay. It’s Crochet’s favorite place and from there, you can move on to visit knitting, sewing, spinning, embroidery, dyeing and so many more things your head could explode trying to think of them all at one time. But since Crochet held your hand on the way to greatness you never forget her and always come back. Remembering the beginning is my way of moving forward. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for my Gramma and that first ball of yarn.

So, in honor of my crafty Gramma’s birthday today, I offer you another beginning. The beginning of my crafty chronicles and a little something on how I feel about crochet. The best is yet to come! Happy birthday, Gramma ❤