Treasure on the Island!

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I’ve officially reserved myself a booth at the Treasure Island Flea for the weekend of November 26th and 27th at which I will be peddling my wares. Be there or be square, I say! I beg of you, attend, attend! Please oh please come see me at my fair! Ok, enough of that silliness.

Seriously though, it’s gonna be so much fun! I’ll be selling mostly bags (messenger style, big purse style, mostly organic, classic or otherwise cool fabrics) and knitted/crochet treasures such as hats, fingerless mittens and cowl scarves.

Have a whale of a time!

WHO: dinomeg and other fine artists as well as antiques, food, fun and games
WHAT: Open air market with artists, makers, creative people ($3 admission)
WHERE: Treasure Island, San Francisco
WHEN: Saturday and Sunday November 26th & 27th 9-4pm
WHY: Because you love handmade things and supporting this amateur blogger


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