Happy Halloween, my friends!

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This Halloween unfortunately landed on a Monday which meant I couldn’t have very many late night plans. Too bad, so sad you might say. The Sunday prior, however was quite a delight at Dana’s house! She dressed as a sunflower and was just the cutest (I mean spookiest?) little plant there ever did grow.

I was in rare form the few days before… dare I say prepared?? I Made James’ costume on Saturday and my costume the night before. James was the ever charming, oh so handsome Commander Riker and I had a Halloween spirit manifesting itself as a creepy forest dress. And awesome witch boots.


I made my dress from a cool fabric from the Haunted Mansion collection by Sanae and used my own design. It has pockets and ruffled elastic for the straps, so cute! James’ I mean the Commander’s uniform top is made from organic cotton spandex and organic cotton soy fabrics. Our friend bought a star trek shirt online and I traced the pattern pieces from that to make one for my hun. Pretty Dashing, wouldn’t you agree? Commanding, even. Below you will see him in Danger Mode, ready with his phaser, aka my stun gun (it’s for safety when I come home from sewing dates late at night. Can’t have hooligans trying to jack my Singer).

Tough guy Riker

On Halloween night proper, I watched a scary movie at Julia’s but before that we needed to wait for our pizza so we wandered down town and costume spied. We saw some awesome costumes, there was the American Gothic couple with their giant picture frame on wheels, a few characters from Adventure Time, a great Doctor Who and TARDIS and then there was the Telescope Guy! He had a super cool homemade ball joint telescope and we got to look at the moon and at Jupiter with it’s moons. It was raaaaad! Julia (dressed as Red Ridinghood with her wolf fur lined cloak) is seen here in this “action” shot.

Lookit tha stars!

Kind of amazing, I know.

All in all, we had a pretty rad Halloween weekend. Boo!

Tell me what you love about Halloween!


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