New Life Plan

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James and I are experiencing a variety of difficulties with continuing to live in Santa Cruz. Issues include but are not limited to cost of living, cost of living, and cost of living. It’s really expensive. We find ourselves working way too hard at our sort of okay paying jobs and then paying more than half of what we make to rent, bills, food and pet supplies (granted we have 4 cats, it’s still too much money gone on pay day). What else is there to do but wallow in our own depression, moping around and feeling sorry for ourselves? Haha, okay seriously, we aren’t that pathetic.


We sat down (well, more like went on a stroll) and made a plan!


Our stratagem is as follows:

  1. Move forward with our lives as if we have no lives (i.e. do nothing, no going out, no extra spending, pretend we have zero dollars)
  2. Save the heck out of our paychecks, pay down the credit card, fix the Camaro
  3. Sell all of our junk that we don’t absolutely NEED
  4. Have a ton of money
  5. Throw the kitties in the car, drive to North Carolina and set up camp


Our new homestead
NC Triangle: It's vintage cool.


In the mean time I’ll be working on my crafts to add to our money banks! I’ll be applying to the Treasure Island Flea in San Francisco for the November market, adding things to my Etsy shop, selling things in store fronts where I can, you name it! Check out my shop, come visit me at Treasure Island, go buy my stuff at Eco Carmel!


I need your support to follow my dreeeeeeeaaaaaaaamzzzz!!


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