SF Renegade?

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A few of my delightful friends and I have decided that we must craft for the Renegade! Now if you don’t know what the Renegade Craft Fair is then… well gosh, I don’t know. Ok, ok, just kidding, I’ll tell you! In a word, it’s Spectacular. Every summer and winter there is a show somewhere in the country (big cities like Chicago, Houston and San Francisco) where hundreds of independent artists come together to put together any crafter’s dream shopping mall. They set up 10’x10′ booths and showcase their handbags, handspun yarn, plushies, jewelry, paper crafts, EVERYTHING! It’s so the coolest thing ever! Now there are only 250 booth spaces and not surprisingly sometimes up to a few thousand people apply for a spot. That’s where we come in.

Here’s a little line up of some knitted things that I made that I’m fond of:

Triangle Alpaca Scarf
Camo Fingerless Mitts
Circus Stripes Hat





























We four are called Fates and Furies and I oh so hope we get a booth at this crafting phenomenon called the Renegade. Broken up, we are Julia of Alchemy Tea, Dana of Peapod Design, Meri of Little Meri and me, Dinomeg! We are obviously cool so, you know, all we need is recognition.

We put in our application and we are excited to see whether or not we will get a space to show our wares.


Fingers crossed!


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