That was Craftacular!

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This last Sunday was just about the greatest thing! My super bud Chelsea is leaving Hart’s pretty soon and she’s been wanting to do this craft fair for the longest time. It was pretty much her brainchild and, I have to say, a damn fine success.

Crafty buds
Sewing is for friends!

She got there at about 7:30 in the morning (the thing started at 11) and just went to town on cleaning up the parking lot and making sure when vendors got there they were greeted and taken care of.

doodle bug
Kickin back after helping out

My baby brother volunteered to help set up the sound system so we could play music from James’ iPod all day. I had to go get him in the morning and then we ran to the fair to help set up the music and my booth.

James was super helpful in keeping me focused and on track with what I had to get done by the time customers started showing up (which included sewing on a couple of last minute buttons…). Once the fair really started rolling, I decided that it was totally worth the frenzied crafting and fair related stresses I had endured over the past few weeks. Totally worth it!!!

In the first ten minutes I made an $80 sale making me instantly out of stock of the two Owlie Totes I had made (I knew I should have made more!) and down two little snap wallets. This customer ended up coming back later to get a couple more items and to tell me that Chelsea and my booth was “definitely the cutest here.” It sure is exciting to get that kind of approval that quickly. This was the first fair I had participated in as a vendor and now I’m totally addicted!

Dana, Julia and I are now planning to apply to the SF Renegade Craft Fair (Holiday Edition). I’ll keep you updated on whether or not you can expect to see us there.


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