Craftacular Photoshoot!

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In case you didn’t hear, Hart’s Fabric is having a super duper Craftacular Wonder Fair on August 28th. It’s gonna be pretty much the coolest thing ever! We’re having an article written for the Good Times Weekly and the writer we’ve been talking to needed us to take pictures for her to use. Dana, Chelsea and I were modeling and Julia was our photographer, it was so much fun! We went a little crazy and ended up with a ton of pictures so we don’t really know which ones will end up in the paper.

This one is a cute picture of us peeking out from behind Dana’s old Sovereign machine, I hope they use this one.

Dana, Chels + Megan

Chelsea really wanted to do a jumping shot too so we took a few of those. What can I say? We’re just that excited about crafting! You can really see the delightful dresses we’re all wearing in this picture. super rad. (Psst, we each made our own dresses!!)

Chels, Dana + Megan

Stay tuned my friends, I’ll be posting some details on some of the crafts I will be selling at the Craftacular (including a free pattern or two…) and I’ll post the Article that gets written for us too. Too much fun, I can’t stand it!! I better get crafting for the Fair 😀


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