No BS Boyfriend Beanie

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Have you ever needed to knit a last second, easy-peasy, super awesome hat present for someone? Have you ever wondered what the frick and I gonna make out of this one super amazing skein of yarn? Have you ever wondered where the heck am I going to find an ultra easy, uber simple and otherwise perfect pattern that will show off the lovely yarn you’re using for your project? Look no further (well, you might have to scroll down a little) because I have just written up this superb pattern for an easy hat that anyone will love. I give you… the ‘No BS BF Beanie.’

Here it is, modeled by my handsome hun!

James is one of my favorite models ❤

Knitted with 3×1 ribbing and plain ol’ stockinette, this easy hat pattern just might become a go to pattern when you don’t know how to show off that super special yarn of yours.

Here’s what I used:
1 pair each of 16″ knitting needles in sizes 6 and 7
1 set of dpns in size 6
9 pretty little stitch markers (or a bunch of paperclips)
1 darn useful darning needle
1 beyond soft skein of Cascade Eco Duo in black and white

What’s my gauge again?

5 sts = 1 inch on size 7 needles

Here’s how I did it:

*Be sure to break out your dpns when you have too few stitches to knit comfortably on your circulars.

  1.  Using your smaller needles CO 88 st.
  2. Being careful not to twist, place a marker indicating the beginning of your rows and join stitches in the round.
  3. Work (K3, P1) until your ribbing is 1.5″ or desired height.
  4.  Work in stockinette st until your work measures 6″ tall.
  5. (K11, place marker) rep until end of round.
  6. Begin your decreases: k until the last 2 sts before your marker, k2tog. Rep until end of round.
  7. Work the next row even with K st.
  8. Rep step 6 + 7 three times.
  9. Rep step 6 until you only have a few stitches left and cut your yarn leaving a tail long enough to weave in ends.
  10. Use your trusty darning needle to pull the tail though the remaining sts, tie off and weave in ends.



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