The Captain requires a new coat

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A friend of mine just so happens to be a pirate captain. He lives on a boat, drinks rum and sings sea shanties. He sails on a regular basis and invented ‘Pirate Fest’ in Santa Cruz, Ca. Maybe you’ve heard of him, Captain Groggy Swagger. A delightful and jolly fellow, he just plain needed a new coat.

Ain't he official?
Captain Groggy Swagger

So I made him one. As per his request, it was made from a J. P. Ryan pattern for a1750s style coat for the military officer. I used a navy chenille upholstery weight fabric for the base, lined it with gold cotton silk and adorned it with a gold cotton velveteen. Each pattern piece was giant because there was so much pleating to do for the skirt of the coat but once I got everything cut out it went pretty quick. Definitely one of the more advanced things I’ve made, I certainly can’t say I’m not proud.

So handsome!

I love love love it and I think the Captain found it acceptable for his daily adventures.

What else is there to do in your pirate coat than to get drunk?

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