Wisdom of the Kool-Aid Man

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James’ littlest sister Kate and I decided to try Kool-Aiding some yarn recently and I must say, our endeavor was a success. After spending way too much time running around to the Goodwill for glasses, the grocery store for Kool-Aid, to the Dollar Tree for rubber gloves (which we didn’t use) and blah blah blah, we finally got started with filling up the glasses with magical, powdery, sugar-free flavor packets.

Kate pouring in Kool-Aid powder while we wait for the water to boil.

After soaking our yarn in water and getting our cups set up with flavor labels and hot water we were ready to dye away. We tried dipping and pouring, mushing and mashing, even cleaning up a dye spill with a clean hank of yarn.


Ten times more fun than it was messy, we turned out some really cool yarns! James said he might like a pair of socks out of the crazy rainbow yarn and I’ve already made slippers from the ball we dunked into the purple and orange. An extra bonus: makes your feet smell like candy! Whodda thunk it?

Hangin' out in the sun on our oh so spacious and now so colorful balcony.

Conclusion: SUPER FUN AND COOL!!! Next step: big girl acid dyes in a crock pot!


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