Which witch?

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So basically… I love swaps. They’re the coolest most interesting and challenging way to craft. You don’t even know what you should be thinking about making til you get matched with a partner. After that though, go crazy! This was for the “Be Awesome” swap and my partner liked the Wizard of Oz. She said she’s always liked the witch and thought she was never given enough credit. Thus the Four Corners quilt was born! With the witches of the North, South, East and West keeping you warm, who could ask for more? The East witch is my personal favorite. This was such a super swap!

These pictures generously provided by my lovely partner, Belladune on Craftster.

In return for this beautiful (and difficult to part with) quilt I received an incredibly detailed set of coasters embroidered with *squeal!!* baby murlocs! So cuuuute! She also made a nifty wet felted tray for them to sit in (with +20 frost resist, of course). I love them!

So cute!

keepin' my drinks cozy

Thanks for being my partner, Belladune!


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