Mistake Rib Scarf

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As I mentioned in a previous post this delightful yellow scarf is the first finished object made from my own handspun yarn. With beautifully dyed wool from spinningtheweb on etsy (I highly recommend her shop) I managed to make a gorgeous skein of 2-ply yarn which as you see here has been made into a wonderfully simple scarf to keep my giraffe neck warm against the icy Pacific Winds of Santa Cruz. Once oh so cold, now ever so toasty. 🙂

Banana Scarf
You too could don a scarf such as this!

Now, as my loyal readers (at this point, probably just Gramma. Hey Gramma!) I offer you an easy to follow knitting pattern that, with varying yarns and needles, will yield spectacularly varying results!

banana scarf yields gelato
Disclaimer: pattern does not include production of ice cream.

Behold, the Mistake Rib Scarf pattern:

Any yarn with any coordinating set of needles. For this version I used worsted-bulky handspun yarn and size 11 needles with an initial cast on of 13 sts (116 yds makes a 5 ft scarf).

CO any number of odd stitches
Work each row (k2, p2)
Knit until you have no more yarn or until you’ve reached the desired length.

Wrap it around your neck or that of a loved one and enjoy it’s warmth and let the love begin!


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