Works In Purgatory

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When I start referring to projects as WIPs or works in progress it seems to take me twice as long as if I had just stuck to calling them “that green hat” or “this super awesome turquoise mermaid scarf.” I guess I’m just a sucker for conveniently compact titles. What can I say? So, here’s a sneaky preview of a few things I’m working on.

Alright, for this first one I know I’m a little late seeing as Gramma’s birthday was April 6th, but I’ve only even had the yarn for a week or so. Work with me here. The swatch knit up so nice, very pretty colors with a subtle variegation. I like it when the colors don’t change so sharply. I hope these don’t take me toooo long, they’re way over due. And this yarn is definitely a new favorite, so dreamy!

Mmmm, grape soda...

This beautiful red is destined to be a slip stitch (maybe cabled, it won’t make up its mind) hat for James’ auntie. Call it a super late hostess gift. We want to visit them again soon, the last visit was so much fun. Her house is beautiful and I want to be sure to make her something just as nice. She loves red, so there’s a start. I can’t wait to see how the color shades knit up.

To slip stitch or cable? That is the question...

This indisputably Irish shade of green is machine washable and will soon be a crochet hat for James’ mom. She works hard so she deserves something made with love 🙂


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