When it rains in April…

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I wish it would rain harder. Yesterday was cloudy albeit dry, so while I was surprised to wake up to the schmicka-schmack of heavy rain outside this morning (rather, early afternoon. Shh, don’t tell!) I can’t say that I was rightly surprised. I really should have known. when days like this come up, all I really want to do is make something delicious, turn on the telly and knit knit knit. Unfortunately for me and my rainy-day dreams, I had to come to work. Poor purple yarn, you will have to wait yet another work shift to be loved.

Gramma Surprise Purple

Rainy days at work are good and bad. The atmosphere is different in a book store when people are hiding from the rain. There are more people waiting for the movies to start next door, but even as they glance toward the window or their watches every once in a while, they seem to actually enjoy browsing the shelves. Browsing customers does give me time to organize the craft section unhindered (or to write a blog post, I’m a terrible worker). I wish we had enough books to make it oh so nice like my craft shelves at home. Take a look at this, I reorganized it a couple of days ago and got those cutie-patootie flower boxes for yarns. Don’t you just love being organized?

Okay, back to work, our store does not do well in April, historically speaking. Good news for us though, lots of people means at least a few more sales. Bad news is it takes a rainstorm in April to get people in here. Bad news for me is I can’t knit at work. It’s ‘rude’ or something. Whatever that means, I’m not allowed. Haha. If only I worked in a yarn shop. Alas, my favorite yarn shop is going out of business. Oh how I mourn thee, Yarn Place!! The only good that is coming from this is that I got a heads up from my honey-bunny Tya about some upcoming sales. So at the very least, the Yarn Place will live on in the form of my ever-growing yarn and notion stash.

Tya & Megan at The Yarn Place
This is a picture of a fun time!

One thought on “When it rains in April…

    Gramma Sue said:
    April 14, 2010 at 8:27 am

    Love the “Surprise Purple”…. also your re-organization is wonderful….It is nice to be able to find your “Stuff”…..Follow your dream… Hugs Gramma

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