Spin Cycle

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I started spinning back in February after talking to my awesome new friend Heather. She let me try out her dreamy Lendrum wheel at our Thursday knitting/needlecraft group and I was hooked. That next weekend I convinced James that it would be in his best interest to accompany me to Stitches West in Santa Clara and the next day I ordered my own wheel from this truly delightful gentleman whom I spoke with at the conference. After waiting 3 days as anxiously as was possible without losing consciousness James helped (aka all by himself with me asking “can I screw that one in?”) assemble my new Ashford Kiwi (who has yet to be named) and a new love was born!

My little Kiwi bird ❤

My first two yarns were a little wonky but I was hardly deterred from practicing thinner and thinner yarns. I keep getting better with each braid of wool I draft and I’m even going to try out a 3-ply pretty soon. I just have to finish my 3rd bobbin and have James make a triple-doweled shoebox for my lazy kate. He’s so handy!

First wheel spun: Frankenyarn
Waiting to be 3-plied

Here’s my very first knit object from yarn I spun myself! Knitting it went so quickly, it was amazing. The Banana Yarn ended up being 116 yards and I knit it up on size 11 needles. I will post a pattern separately in a tutorial post later. It’s super easy.

Banana Yarn

I’m having a great time trying out new fibers. So far I’ve tried (all wool) falkland, corridale, ‘blended’ wools and superwash merino. I’m excited to try more exotic fibers like alpaca, soy, corn, or camel. Next I might try Guinea Wool from my piglet, Bumble! How does one shear a guinea pig?

Bumble: Guinea Wool Queen

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